About Lesley Strother

My aesthetic sensibility evolved through early studies in architecture followed by training and a career in graphic design. Working as a graphic designer, I developed a sense of play with the formal elements of line, shape, texture, value, color and space. My painting carries these undercurrents of structure, line and edge.

My nonrepresentational painting involves ideas/symbols/forms that are meaningful to me at present. Ideas for paintings come to me from a variety sources such as my Zen Buddhist practice, dreams, personal psychological issues and formal painting practices. With this in mind, I approach painting by making marks, be they brush strokes or shapes of color, and engage in a visual dance by responding to the initial marks with more marks, continuing to follow the energy as the painting unfolds. I like working with opposites, be it color or form, to create activity and energy in my work. Frequently my original intentions for a piece transform into something new and unexpected.