About John Strother

Minolta DSC

John Strother is an Artist  /  Architect and has been exploring and evolving his creative path in two and three-dimensional art over the past 40 years.

John’s exploration started at Penn State University where he focused on Architecture as a major but started developing three-dimensional foam core reliefs to present Architectural facades as a presentation process. Upon graduation, he continued his Artistic exploration and developed a personal graphic sense for two-dimensional visual and space composition thru color and black and white studies.

Thru the following years, John continued to work on both the compositional and three-dimensional aspects of his studies and Artworks. In the 1990’s he abandoned the layered color foam core process and started building three-dimensional relief models called Strada Graphs ( Layered Drawings)

We hope you enjoy the visual and compositional complexities presented in this Website thru the variety of materials, color, texture, and form. Most of the Art workpieces presented on this site are available for purchase as an original or as a printed reproduction. Please contact strotherstudio@gmail.com for additional information.

Strother Studio 2005
Strother Studio 2005